Changchun Changle New Environmentally-friendly Material Co., Ltd. is an economic entity, with the status of independent legal person, which was established on the basis of Changchun Tianyun Institute of Application Technology. It is the unique production unit of ZL desulfurization catalyst of Changchun Tianyun Institute of Application Technology in China. ZL desulfurization catalyst is the update product of PDS, and it has been applied alone in nitrogenous fertilizer, city gas, coke oven gas, and desulfurization and decyanation systems, and has made a good effect. ZL desulfurization catalyst has passed the new product acceptance identification hosted by Jilin Economic and Trade Commission in 1996, and was rated as provincial new product in the same year. In October 1997, the product won the title of national new product. 30 among the employees are professors, associate professors, senior engineers and technicians, over 50 are production, sales, and service staffs.